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Spotter sites
The Nuremberg Airport is a medium-sized airport with a single runway 10/28. He is the home of Aero-Dienst and FAI Rent-A-Jet, both with heavy maintenance bases. The fence around the airport is about two meters high, so a step ladder is recommended if you have an SLR sized lens. Below you will find a brief description of the spotting spots at Nuremberg Airport.
Taxiway Alpha
To reach this Spot, you walk 15 minutes from the Terminal. First head towards the cargo center and after passing the cargo center follow the way to the left into the forest. Once you have left the first forest and have walked 200 meters over a plane area (there should be a small lake on your right), and have entered the forest again, take the way to the left at the first junction. Follow this way until it makes a major left turn and then head straight ahead into the forest and try to find a small footpath which leads you directly to the fence. If it has rained heavily I would not recommend this spot, as the way is getting muddy.
Car Park 2
The car park 2 offers some nice views and possibilities on the top level. You can take good shots of aircraft parked on the northern and the eastern part of the apron, of all aircraft taxiing to runway 28 and all landing and departing traffic on runway 28.
Terminal Departure 1
On the ground level inside the Terminal Departure 1, you pass the Check-In counter and go straight ahead to the end of the 'Travel Agents and Tour Operators' counters. Here are large windows out to the apron. This spot is blocked when an aircraft is parked on position 7.
Observation Deck
The airport has a glassed terrace, which has undergone major changes in the past years. The restaurant has been enlarged and so the open air terrace is smaller now and especially in summer it is very crowded. The possibilities on the terrace haven't changed and, giving some attention to the reflections in the windows, it is still possible to take great pictures. The entrance to the observation deck is open 24 hours and free of charge.
Air Traffic Control Tower
From a small grass area on the western side of the ATC Tower you can take pictures of aircraft which are standing on or taxiing to parking positions on the western part of the apron. You can see a lot of General Aviation aircraft here.
This spot is not longer available due to building of the FAI Hangar 7 in autumn 2013.
Near this point is a small car parking area where parking is free for two hours.
Note: You can reach this car parking area via the village of Almoshof only. There is no direct street from the Terminal.
South of the Threshold on Runway 10 there is a good place for takeing pictures of aircraft on Taxiway Foxtrott and of departing and landing traffic on Runway 10.
Holding Point Foxtrott to Runway 10
Just follow the fence from spot G and when you have passed the fuel stored facility follow the street to the right until the next fire gate in the fence. Here you can take pictures of aircraft on the short final to Runway 10 all day long and of aircraft at Holding Point Foxtrott in the afternoon.
North of Approach to Runway 10
This spot is located on the other side of the approach path, opposite of spot H. In summer this spot can only be recommended in the early morning and late evening.
North of Threshold 10
Some hundred meters to the east of spot I, are some small gardens where you can park your car. After leaving the car walk in an eastward direction straight ahead into the forest on a 10 minutes walk to the spot J. In summer this spot can only be recommended in the early morning and late evening.
North of Threshold 28
This spot is north of the threshold 28. You can drive from the airport towards Ziegelstein and then at the first crossing, just after a gas station to your left, turn left and follow the Rathsbergstraße straight ahead. Pass the approach lights and when you enter the forest just on your left is a parking place, where you can leave your car and walk the few meters. In summer this spot can only be recommended in the early morning and late evening.
North of Approach to Runway 28
Use the same parking lot as for spot K and walk a few meters eastward to the hill. From here you can take some shots of arriving traffic in the morning and in the late evening or of traffic after passing the holding point Foxtrott on Runway 28.
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